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2019-12-09 21:52

Shoe Store Malaysia Brooks RunningBrooks PureDrift Following up from the last entry on Skechers GoBionic that I reviewed about two weeks ago. I went from 120km to 215km (as of January 14, 2013) on the GoBionic. brooks puredrift price malaysia

The Brooks Levitate running shoe is the most energy returning running shoe yet. It offers the runner a springy and responsive ride that will keep you running harder and faster than ever. Details: The Brooks Levitate running shoe for men has the greatest energy return of leading performance running shoes.

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The Brooks PureDrift 4 is a running shoe perfect for the roads. Since it is lightweight, it is mostly used in speed training, such as sprinting. Those with neutral foot pronation are the ones to enjoy this affordable barefoot running shoe.

Features designs from two of Brooks older models: The Vanguard and The Vantage; Made from premium materials; Brooks Malaysia: Running For A Cause. Since they are sportswear manufacturer, Brooks sponsors various running teams as well as individual athletes. Among them would be the Brooks Beasts Track Club.

Brooks PureDrift Gives Runners the Ultimate Connection with the Ground

You can purchase our products online, and the current price will be listed on the respective product page. Anonymous I have used 2 pair of Ghost 9 and like them very much.

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