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The price of a Safeway party platter depends on where the Safeway is located and the contents of the platter as of 2016. To ask for a specific price, call, or visit Safeway in person. Party platters can include salads, sandwiches, meat and cheese, condiments, fruits, vegetables and pastries.Planning a party? Browse through our Entertaining Brochure and let us take care of the food. safeway party trays prices

Online Entertaining Big or small, meeting or party, fancy or casual this is the easiest place to start. Our friendly, experienced team can help you with everything from picking an inexpensive deli platter. or creating a menu to fit your budget.

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For more information about Safeway Deli prices, I was trying to find a list of Safeways deli party trays. I did not find it, and on one of the sites, I was asked to sign up. Couldnt sign up it kept telling me my password was not 8 to 12 letters long and it was. I will

Safeway Catering Menu with Prices. Safeway is a chain of grocery stores that are found throughout the United States. With platters capable of serving 8 to 16 people, Safeway catering offers salad, sandwiches, fresh fruit, deli meat, seafood, and gourmet meat trays.

Enjoy deli fresh Classic, Specialty and Breakfast sandwiches made to order.

Same Prices Online Track my Order Shop with Lists Playt Google Assistant Groceries in Bulk Gift Cards About Us Our Deli platters and Sushi platters are also available to order from our Team Members in store. Please allow 24 hours notice when placing your order.

See the latest Safeway catering prices for the entire menu including bocconcini and tomato, condiment combo, fresh fruit platter, fruit and fine cheeses, hummus& garden veggies, italiano delights, love those veggies, maki platters, sushi platter, mediterranean medley, cheese& fruit nibbler, and more.

124 rows Safeway Catering Menu Prices Safeway catering menu consists of healthy, fresh, and nutritious food that will make any event fun and rewarding at the same time. With foods fit for summertime, Safeway Catering is ideal for birthday parties and summer gatherings.

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Safeway Catering Menu Prices and Review They have fresh fruit platters, sushi platters, sandwiches, cakes, and a huge selection of deli and cheese sampler packages. Whether your party consists of vegetarians, clean eaters, meat lovers, or a combination of the above, putting together a party spread with Safeways menu will be a cinch

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