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2019-12-09 21:53

5 days ago  As of 29 November, the average fuel price at the UKs four major supermarkets was 121. 7p for petrol and 130. 96p for diesel, while the sameA group of MPs is calling for an independent fuel price watchdog to be called Pumpwatch to monitor the cost of petrol and diesel. Petrol stations that charge fair prices would be entitled to petrol fuel price news uk

2 days ago  New 450kW EV charger from BMW and Porsche is as fast as filling up with petrol. The news comes as the latest RAC Fuel Watch data shows the price of fuel

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The latest AA fuel price report shows national and regional average petrol and diesel fuel prices for the UK together with average prices in other European countries and USA. x The AA theaa. com FREE

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Petrol prices How everyone can get 15 free petrol this week from these major supermarket and petrol station chains With fuel costs on the rise, this is how motorists across the UK can save when

The news comes as the latest RAC Fuel Watch data shows the price of fuel at the pump did fall as much as it should have in December in line with oil prices. The average price of unleaded fell 2. 75p from 123. 67p to 120. 92p per litre last month, while diesel was reduced by 3. 08p from 133. 09p to 130. 01p.

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All the latest news about Petrol from the BBC. hear from you. Email Business Live at use tear gas and water cannon to disperse people protesting rising fuel prices.

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